Tales of the Totemists

Session Ten

A Tale of Two Tunders

Both the Assault Team and the Rescue Team found out the same information, in different timings: the Giant’s Chieftain had been split into two different people by the Great Dragon Spirit of Balance! A ‘Good’ Chieftain, who valued honor and teamwork, was defeated by a ‘Bad’ Chieftain, who valued strength and independence, and so the power of the tribe was shifted over to a leader with a different set of ideals.

While it looked like the only answer was a titanic clash of wills, a little quick thinking and smart wording by Kinsi proved to be a better answer than any fighting could. Her diplomatic approach quickly quelled the rage of the Chieftains’ pet dragon, and with help from Zeynep and Ethan she was able to stop the Chieftains from wrecking the entire place. They agreed that the tribe would thrive the most with both of them, rather than either one separately, and so the giant trouble was resolved!


DeeCee DeeCee

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