S1 - Malik

Not-So-Chill Night Spirit and Trap Maker


Malik is a Night Spirit, a class of spirit who primarily come out in the evening times and generally dislike moving about during the day. As such, direct sunlight causes him distress, and so during the day he must retreat into the shadow of a person or object, until nightfall returns. He is friends with Ling the Monkey Spirit, and so he remained in the Golden Peach Tree’s grove for some time, in order to stay close to his friend.

Trouble: Not-So-Chill – Malik likes to act aloof and unconcerned, but he buckles under stress and teasing pretty easily.

Pacts: Ethan – As long as the two are bound by their pact, Malik will ensure that Ethan always has a trap available to him, no matter the location. In exchange, Malik will reside in Ethan’s shadow, a portable home away from the sun.

+3: Deceive
+2: Alertness, Stealth
+1: Empathy, Sleight of Hand, Academics

Me? Trap? Never. – Malik may use Deceive in place of Crafting in order to create traps. After all, an obvious trap is a poor trap to be sure!

I’m in my Element! – At night, Malik may gain a +2 bonus on any Stealth or Alertness bonus. During the day, Malik takes a Physical Stress for every roll he makes during the day – he doesn’t like the sun!


S1 - Malik

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