S1 - Ling Niu

Legendary Monkey Spirit turned Grove Guardian


Ling is a Monkey Spirit. She was born when her original tribe of spirits decided to fuse into a single entity, in order to become stronger and ward off the behemoth Orochi, the Serpent King. Upon regaining consciousness, however, Ling discovered she was much stronger than she anticipated, and so she slew Orochi in single combat before settling down to watch over his bones. Eventually the spirit of Orochi reincarnated into a Peach Tree spirit, Momo, which Ling insisted on protecting so that he would grow up to be a good person.

+3: Weapons
+2: Fists, Athletics
+1: Endurance, Resolve, Alertness

You and Me! – In a one on one duel, Ling gets a +2 to all combat rolls made to attack. If there’s anyone else fighting within 50 feet of her, this stunt is inoperable.

I HATE TRAPS – Ling has a +2 to Alertness rolls made to find traps. Upon finding a trap, Ling may elect to place an Aspect with one free invoke on the trap’s creator.


S1 - Ling Niu

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