Kinsi Tesamen

Ooh, shiny~ :<


High Concept: Ex-Salvager with a Hunter’s Heart
Everybody in the tribe has a role, and Kinsi’s lot in life was first as a salvager. She was one of the fine people responsible for hauling back those bigger kills that the hunters made, and she was damn good at what she did even if she could be a bit dozy while doing it. She still has a lot of respect for salvagers — she even keeps up with some of the buddies she made while salvaging — but after seeing the majesty of hunting it wasn’t something she could get out of her head for very long just by picking up the kills.

Trouble: Ooh, Shinies~!
Kinsi has a constant eye out for things to add to her growing collection of baubles and trinkets back home, and just because she’s out hunting monsters for the village doesn’t mean she’ll give up looking for things that catch her eye. She can pick things apart for shinies, scale cliffs to reach something that puts the glint in her eye, or dive into raging rivers just for that gleaming scrap at the bottom. Things always seem to draw her attention at just the wrong moment though…

Personal Aspect: O Spirit, My Devotion is to Thee
Kinsi was originally an outsider of the village, brought back by a hunting team that found her scraping out a meagre existence while hiding from the roaming monsters. As such she owes the tribe her life and does everything she can to thank them for giving a reason to go on back to her. However, there is a being that she owes her whole self to, and it is the dragon spirit of balance that she believes above all else was responsible for her survival.

Crossing Paths 1: Sae Keahi, Explosion Senpai
Sae was not in the initial group of hunters that found Kinsi surviving in the wild, but she was the one that woke the latent huntlust in the ex-salvager’s soul. Being such a big personality and an accomplished hunter, Kinsi couldn’t ask for a better person to follow, especially with how Sae is not satisfied to sit around on her achievements!

Crossing Paths 2: Zeynep, Friend to Spirits
Zeynep and Kinsi are both spiritually minded, so it’s easy for them to agree in matters to do with spirits. Of course she doesn’t ‘respect’ the Totemist as much as she does Sae, but Kinsi still thinks her power is extremely useful.

Skill List:
+4: Might
+3: Rapport, Alertness
+2: Athletics, Crafting, Endurance, Survival
+1: Contacts, Mysteries, Empathy, Resolve

- (Signature Stunt) Mighty Swing!: Kinsi can use Might as both Weapons and Shoot for the purpose of making attacks using her hammer, though using Shoot requires her to find ‘ammo’ during the current scene, either by making some or using Scene Aspects.

- Bauble Beholder: When Ooh, Shinies~! is compelled against Kinsi, she may clear all boosts currently on her once per encounter.

- Preaching The Word Of Balance: When Kinsi is acting with the thought of the world’s balance in mind she is much more sure of all her words. She gets a +1 to all social rolls when she is working specifically for her ideal.

Physical: [][][]
Mental: [][]

Mild (1-2 shifts):
Moderate (1-4 shifts):
Severe (1-6 shifts):
Extreme (1-8 shifts or Oh God Help):

Extras (Items, hold-over aspects, etc):
The Lion’s Mane [Artifact]: Kinsi can talk to animals perfectly normally, as though she were interacting with a person in the same way.
Very Shiny Sapphire, suitable as a soul shard
21 Gold
A sense that she has been mislead about the value of shiny gold
Notepad of Kinsiglyphics and pen


Kinsi Tesamen

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