Tales of the Totemists

Session Twelve

An End to Humanity

Drika the Glowb Tree spirit appears at the gates of Grey Rubble Knoll with dark tidings – her tree has been consumed by a horrible monster, soon to advance upon the village itself! Zeynep rallies the troops for war, led by an eager Kinsi, and the Great Knollian Army marches forward to battle!

The spirit possessing the Green Knight has turned out to be another Avatar, though this one claims to be an Avatar of Humanity, intent on destroying all spirits and spirit sympathizers, in order to pave the way for a future of human supremacy! It summons forth a fusion made from hundreds of angered human spirits, and war commences!

After a long, brutal battle, the Souls of the Damned are sent fleeing back into The Wood, while the Avatar himself is captured in the depths of a Flawless Black Pearl Soul Shard – Zeynep will have to guard this Shard for the rest of her life, as well as finding proper students to pass the duty down to.

The day is saved, thanks to Grey Rubble Knoll’s heroes, and Elder Noguerra announces the beginning of the Winter Festival, to mark this day for all eternity. Thus marks the end of Tales of the Totemists, Season One! It’s been a blast, all, and thanks for playing!!


DeeCee DeeCee

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