Tales of the Totemists

Session Nine

Onward, To Giant Land!

After dealing with the air spirits of Mt. Vallorn, our heroes decided to take on the task of dealing with the less than sociable giants of the western desert. While they normally enjoyed a peaceful alliance with Dannemoor, recently a change in leadership had prevented much of the usual trading to take place between the two people, mostly involving fruits and veggies in exchange for iron ore.

There was a lot of mucking about in Dannemoor, trying to get supplies and transportation into the desert, before the group was off! It didn’t take long for them to run into a giant scout, and it took even less time for Ethan to start flirting with her, which just ruined her whole plan to arrest them and take them into custody. Instead, the giant lady brought them to the village, explained the situation, and waited to see what they would do.

What they did was break into two groups, a Rescue Team dedicated to freeing the already taken human prisoners, and an Assault Team, that would lead a charge against the Giant Chieftain, and demand to know what was going on…


DeeCee DeeCee

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