Tales of the Totemists

Session Eight

Hot Ladies and Ayy Lmaos

Our heroes began this session by climbing down into the hole on the side of Mount Vallorn, created by the impact of a meteorite. The chamber they found inside was dark and extremely hot, but Ethan was able to make out that the falling star had been dragged out of its crater and into and adjacent room, and the hunt was on!

In the following room, the team ran into a number of dog-sized (and mannered) constructs made from rock and lava. Using her artifact, Kinsi was able to speak with them and soon determined that the meteorite was taken by their ‘mother,’ and was currently in the next room over.

The following chamber was comprised of a lake of lava, with only a narrow, rocky bridge leading to a large platform in the center, where upon there were two seated figures. Irfan, the spirit of the falling star was seated on his meteorite, and Lady Vallorn, the spirit of the mountain, was seated upon a throne of obsidian. The hunters of Grey Rubble Knoll started up a conversation, where upon it was revealed the irritating black smoke was being produced by Lady Vallorn herself, each time she spoke or laughed.

The Volcano Spirit decided the best way to clear up the smoke was to simply allow the volcano to erupt, but she was quickly talked out of it in favor of letting Zeynep try something. The totemist used her Purification Ritual to cleanse the debris from Lady Vallorn’s smoke, as well as from the volcano itself, resulting in a number of deep water pockets rising to the surface, turning the smoke into steam! The lava level receded, replaced by heated water, creating a sort of makeshift hotspring resort, which Lady Vallorn decided she quite well liked!


DeeCee DeeCee

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