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Tales of the Totemists takes place in the world of Enobia, a fantasy world that isn’t exactly in the Top 100 Places to Live. A harsh and unforgiving world, the humans of Enobia have long since taken to living in small, remote villages and cities, hoping to eke out a living amongst the monstrous wildlife, unpredictable weather, and devious spirits.

Our story begins in the small village of Grey Rubble Knoll, located in a rocky, hill pocked area by the sea, and home to several individuals of impressive skill! These individuals, called Hunters, are part of the reason Grey Rubble Knoll and villages like it can exist at all: they are the ones who venture into the wild and procure supplies and raw materials, the lifeblood of the village.

Hunting, and the mystical practice of Totemism, is the key to survival in Enobia.

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