Zeynep Demir

"The spirits will never forgive you..."


Name: Zeynep Demir

High Concept: Headstrong Totemist
Possessing the talents of a totemist is both a boon, and a curse. Socially, one’s status is elevated, as their necessity to their people increases substantially, yet at the same time, they are destined to venture out into the world in spite of the dangers that lurk outside the walls of a settlement. Zeynep has discovered the force of will alone is enough to keep order, and guarantee success.

Trouble: Head In The Clouds
With such a strong connection to the spiritual world, Zeynep can often be described as distracted at the best of times.

Personal Aspect: Driven by Duty
Without the supplies, materials, and artifacts brought back by hunters, Grey Rubble Knoll wouldn’t be the thriving community that it is. Duty to the community often comes first and foremost with Zeynep.

Crossing Paths: Working Together
There’s far more that one can do to contribute to his or her community than just go out on hunts. Anything from farming, educating, and crafting all serve a purpose. Zeynep, while skilled at working with Soul Shards, can’t for the life of her figure out how to make quality goods for those soul shards to be used with. Enter Ethan, who while skilled at making all sorts of things, isn’t a Totemist, and thus cannot craft soul shards. The two decided to form a partnership of sorts, with each covering one half of the work necessary to create high-quality items with soul shard insets. This coordination of their efforts has led to their getting along better, and to better teamwork when out in the field.

Crossing Paths: Something

+4: Mysteries
+3: Academics, Resolve
+2: Athletics, Intimidate, Stealth, Empathy
+1: Rapport, Deceit, Weapons, Stealth

Stunts Refresh 3
[Mysteries] [Signature Stunt] Fire of the Soul Standing out in the material world like a lantern, Zeynep has felt the presence of spirits drawn to the spirit beacon that is her soul. She’s familiar with all kinds of spirits, and how to deal with them to boot.
At the start of any scene, Zeynep and any spirits in the general area are aware of each other’s presence. In addition, the totemist may use Mysteries in place of any social skill when dealing with spirits.

[Athletics] Totemic Tactics Fighting physically isn’t Zeynep’s specialty. She’s not very strong, and lacks any special talent with her fists, or the dedicated training with a blade that many other Hunters have. What the Totemist does have though, is a good sense of when and how to move to avoid an incoming attack.
+2 to Athletics when attempting to overcome attack actions.

[Academics] Soul Shard Crafting Although not especially skilled at smithing, leather working, or carpentry; Zeynep does know how to fashion Soul Shards into inserts, jewelry, curios, and so on.
May use Academics in place of Crafting when working with Soul Shards.

[Resolve] The Influence of Resolve While not a natural born leader, it’s hard to argue with someone so willful.
When interacting with non-totemist Hunters, use Resolve in place of Leadership.

[Skill] Spirit Purification Zeynep has learned the necessary rituals involved in purifying unclean or corrupted spirits.

Physical [ ][ ]
Mental [ ][ ][ ][ ]


- Water Spirit Bracer (This leather bracer has a sea-green gem that was once a ruby set into the spirit shard socket. It is imbued with the powers of a friendly water spirit.) – Once per day, create or purify a gallon of Fresh Water. At will, know the direction to the nearest source of water.

- Golden Peach
- 20gp
- 2x Peridot
- Coeurl Staff


Maybe it was just the right alignment of stars, the right combination of parental heritages, or even just a stroke of luck… but Zeynep was born with the innate talents of a Totemist. Aside from a few peculiarities though, her childhood in Grey Rubble Knoll was not unlike any other, and it was only when her training began that the happy-go-lucky girl became so stoic and hard-headed. Learning the Totemic arts is a powerful experience, one that strengthens the Totemist’s connection to the other world… the Spirit Realm. Few, if any, know of the catalyst for what brought this shift in personality about, but it’s certainly made Zeynep difficult to get along with ever since.

Zeynep, as a Totemist, has been going out with Packs for only a little while now. Never that far from home, and usually without any dangers that couldn’t be accounted for by more experienced Hunters. It’s difficult to make friends when you’re mind’s in an altogether different place than your teammates, though… especially when you’re the type that others would describe as ‘bossy’. So it goes that Zeynep currently doesn’t have a pack to work with, and for the past little while, has been getting by through crafting Soul Shards, and training younger Totemists.

Zeynep Demir

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