Sae Keahi

Big Hunter On Campus


Name: Sae Keahi

High Concept: Living Legacy – Sae’s father was a Totemist who bound a very powerful creature to the sword that she now uses, most of her peers and Sae herself now believe it’s up to her to continue his legacy and take out a legendary creature of her own before she’ll be recognised as a true Keahi.

Trouble: Strong like a lion, prideful also like a lion, these are my lion facts – Sae is a big strong hunter and ONE OF THE GUYS which means she’s obviously not a weak willed woman + housewife. The problem is that whenever anyone suggests that’s she’s weak or not up to a task she’ll go all out to prove them wrong/beat them into the ground. Only a close friend would be able to snap her out of smash mode.

Personal Aspect: Howling Youth – Everything is an ultimate technique and all weapons are legendary in their own right, no matter what Sae is doing she treats it as the most important thing in her life and puts all her energy and emotion into it, she’s honestly confused why no one else really shares her motivation for all things ever.

Skill List:
+4: Weapons
+3: Athletics, Might
+2: Rapport, Intimidation, Endurance
+1: Mysteries, Academics, Survival, Alertness

Physical: [][/][]
Mental: [][]


[Signature Stunt] Keahi Soul - Attacks with your personal weapon cannot be defended against with weapons, any inanimate objects dealt the final blow by your weapon will explode violently no matter what they are and may force nearby people/creatures to make an endurance test or be marked with an aspect be they friend or foe.

Woops! – Once per scene, when you succeed with style on a defence roll you may force your opponent to attack another of your enemies in the same zone with the same attack roll.

My Blade Strikes True – Once per conflict, you can force the opponent to use a mild consequence instead of a 2-point stress box on a successful Fight attack with your heirloom sword.

Feel the Burn - You can push through incredible pain in order to reach your goal. You gain an additional mild consequence slot. This slot can only be used for physical harm.


Sae Keahi

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