Ethan Syene

Meticulous demure trapper


Name: Ethan Syene

High Concept: Adventurous Serene Trapper

Trouble: Weak to the ladies

Personal Aspect: Play By Ear

Crossing Path: Fidus Achates

Crossing Path: Shonen Training

Skill List:
+4: Crafting
+3: Alertness, Resolve
+2: Empathy, Investigation, Deceit, Shoot
+1: Academics, Survival, Endurance, Weapons

Physical: [][][]
Mental: [][][][]

Refresh Rate: 1 ~ Fate Points: 1


- (Crafting) (Signature Stunt) Unhindered By Destiny ~ “Victory is decided before the hunt starts. You can’t leave anything up to fate, lest you lose something important.” This is Ethan’s philosophy as he takes painstaking consideration to every detail before, during and after a hunt. It’s served him well.
You can make indirect physical attacks using Crafting to signify the use of traps. In addition, as long as it’s feasible for you to have a trap in the area, you don’t need to spend a Fate Point to declare a trap being available to you.
Once per scene, you can put the [Perfectly Planned] Scene Aspect on play with a free invoke, but only if you’ve had a length of time to plan things out (with time to spare, it doesn’t use a turn | if forced to act fast, it uses up a full turn).

- (Alertness) Taking Care ~ It’s difficult to surprise someone who’s always prepared. You gain a +2 bonus to Alertness checks related to spotting things not being quite right (ambushes, traps, etc).

- (Resolve) Stay Calm ~ It’s almost impossible for someone to make you scream in fright, boasting admirable control of your emotions. You gain a +2 bonus to Resolve checks related to intimidation or fear.

- (Resolve) Walk Through Fire (requires Stay Calm) ~ You seem to always be in a safe spot, without moving in any obvious way. You may use Resolve to defend against physical attacks, and may also use it to move or take cover (so long as you merely saunter; no sprints allowed). To the outside world, it appears that you are simply tilting your head a couple of inches while an arrow flies past your head, or dodging slightly to the side of a beast’s claws. Through coincidence and fearlessness, you’re untouchable… as long as your defense isn’t beaten.

- (Resolve) Stone Cold Playboy ~ Sometimes, you don’t need an overly affectionate and flirty attitude to get play. You can use Resolve in place of Rapport for the purpose of charming or seducing others.

- (Shooto MAHHA) Guns of the Patricians ~ Solid Stefan lent Ethan a rifle. There are many like it, but that one is his… now. In honor of his compadre’s… perversion, he wields it purely to destroy anyone or anything who dares attack The Ladies. When a woman is attacked in Ethan’s presence, he gains a +2 bonus to Shoot against the attacker. On a Success with Style, the enemy is forced to attack Ethan.

- 16 Gold
- Scarf
- Goggles
- Pimp ass walking stick
- Energy Drinkpoultice
- Runeclaw Bracelet [Once per session, use Might at +4 for a roll.]
- Telescope
- Stefan’s Gunrifle


Ethan is what most people would call a dreamer. Often found by himself staring off into the distance, the trapper spends a lot of his time wondering. ‘Why are we here?’, ‘why is the world like this?’, ’what’s beyond the horizon?’… a sense of adventure flares up in him whenever these thoughts appear. That is the reason he’s a trapper for one of the village’s hunting packs. It’s his only chance to go out there, and slowly but surely find out more about the world around him, as well as the world not quite around him, day in and day out.

The trapper is very often confused for somebody who is completely emotionless by those he first meets. His dry sense of humor and lack of responsive expressions are definitely contributing factors. However, he’s not completely stone-faced; the trapper’s most emotional moments often end up being the times where not everything goes according to plan. He doesn’t fear failure, nor does it anger him. However, the shock and awe involved is very weakening to the man who prides himself in being ‘always in control’.

Because of this, Ethan takes preparations some people would call extreme when arranging hunting expeditions or preparing his repertoire of traps and supplies. Nothing can be left up to destiny; even the minutiae of irrelevant things can often be the turning point for a hunt, whether it’s the layout of the trees, the availability of an escape route for an easy mission, or perhaps just the direction and strength of the wind in that particular day.

Being one of the few skilled craftsmen in the Knoll is definitely a taxing duty, especially when you get things like totems and artifacts on your mind. Ethan isn’t any good at the mysticism side of crafting, so that kind of thing just flies over his head; as much as he’d like to learn the craft, he has enough on his hands as it is. That’s where his trusted partner in the workshop comes in. Zeynap handles the spiritual side of making powerful totems and artifacts, while Ethan handles the material side of crafting the items to make use of the Totemist’s soul shards.

Not everything is as Ethan would like, however. There’s a very peculiar woman in the village that often tries to make him… more emotional. Although he’d rather describe it as “more loud”. Since they’re to work together out in the field, however, Ethan obliges in Sae’s requests to ‘make his youth howl’ or… whatever. If it will impact how they work together, he HAS to at least try, even if it’s as difficult as it sounds.

Ethan Syene

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