Tales of the Totemists

Session Twelve
An End to Humanity

Drika the Glowb Tree spirit appears at the gates of Grey Rubble Knoll with dark tidings – her tree has been consumed by a horrible monster, soon to advance upon the village itself! Zeynep rallies the troops for war, led by an eager Kinsi, and the Great Knollian Army marches forward to battle!

The spirit possessing the Green Knight has turned out to be another Avatar, though this one claims to be an Avatar of Humanity, intent on destroying all spirits and spirit sympathizers, in order to pave the way for a future of human supremacy! It summons forth a fusion made from hundreds of angered human spirits, and war commences!

After a long, brutal battle, the Souls of the Damned are sent fleeing back into The Wood, while the Avatar himself is captured in the depths of a Flawless Black Pearl Soul Shard – Zeynep will have to guard this Shard for the rest of her life, as well as finding proper students to pass the duty down to.

The day is saved, thanks to Grey Rubble Knoll’s heroes, and Elder Noguerra announces the beginning of the Winter Festival, to mark this day for all eternity. Thus marks the end of Tales of the Totemists, Season One! It’s been a blast, all, and thanks for playing!!

Session Eleven

Our heroes have finally decided to return home, now that they’ve run out of things to procrastinate with, and inform the Green Knight that they’re work is done! But what’s this? The Knight is in a curious state, and has declared the village of Grey Rubble Knoll is to be destroyed!

Kinsi and Ethan rush ahead to deal with an out of control forest awoo, while Zeynep stays back to try and talk some sense into the Knight! However, as the beast falls, it’s revealed that not all is right with the Avatar of the Wood…

Session Ten
A Tale of Two Tunders

Both the Assault Team and the Rescue Team found out the same information, in different timings: the Giant’s Chieftain had been split into two different people by the Great Dragon Spirit of Balance! A ‘Good’ Chieftain, who valued honor and teamwork, was defeated by a ‘Bad’ Chieftain, who valued strength and independence, and so the power of the tribe was shifted over to a leader with a different set of ideals.

While it looked like the only answer was a titanic clash of wills, a little quick thinking and smart wording by Kinsi proved to be a better answer than any fighting could. Her diplomatic approach quickly quelled the rage of the Chieftains’ pet dragon, and with help from Zeynep and Ethan she was able to stop the Chieftains from wrecking the entire place. They agreed that the tribe would thrive the most with both of them, rather than either one separately, and so the giant trouble was resolved!

Session Nine
Onward, To Giant Land!

After dealing with the air spirits of Mt. Vallorn, our heroes decided to take on the task of dealing with the less than sociable giants of the western desert. While they normally enjoyed a peaceful alliance with Dannemoor, recently a change in leadership had prevented much of the usual trading to take place between the two people, mostly involving fruits and veggies in exchange for iron ore.

There was a lot of mucking about in Dannemoor, trying to get supplies and transportation into the desert, before the group was off! It didn’t take long for them to run into a giant scout, and it took even less time for Ethan to start flirting with her, which just ruined her whole plan to arrest them and take them into custody. Instead, the giant lady brought them to the village, explained the situation, and waited to see what they would do.

What they did was break into two groups, a Rescue Team dedicated to freeing the already taken human prisoners, and an Assault Team, that would lead a charge against the Giant Chieftain, and demand to know what was going on…

Session Eight
Hot Ladies and Ayy Lmaos

Our heroes began this session by climbing down into the hole on the side of Mount Vallorn, created by the impact of a meteorite. The chamber they found inside was dark and extremely hot, but Ethan was able to make out that the falling star had been dragged out of its crater and into and adjacent room, and the hunt was on!

In the following room, the team ran into a number of dog-sized (and mannered) constructs made from rock and lava. Using her artifact, Kinsi was able to speak with them and soon determined that the meteorite was taken by their ‘mother,’ and was currently in the next room over.

The following chamber was comprised of a lake of lava, with only a narrow, rocky bridge leading to a large platform in the center, where upon there were two seated figures. Irfan, the spirit of the falling star was seated on his meteorite, and Lady Vallorn, the spirit of the mountain, was seated upon a throne of obsidian. The hunters of Grey Rubble Knoll started up a conversation, where upon it was revealed the irritating black smoke was being produced by Lady Vallorn herself, each time she spoke or laughed.

The Volcano Spirit decided the best way to clear up the smoke was to simply allow the volcano to erupt, but she was quickly talked out of it in favor of letting Zeynep try something. The totemist used her Purification Ritual to cleanse the debris from Lady Vallorn’s smoke, as well as from the volcano itself, resulting in a number of deep water pockets rising to the surface, turning the smoke into steam! The lava level receded, replaced by heated water, creating a sort of makeshift hotspring resort, which Lady Vallorn decided she quite well liked!

Session Seven
Alfred Hitchcock's 'The Birds,' as reenacted by our players.

After dealing with the Basilisk Wyrm, our heroes returned to speak with Presidential Nominee Martell. Martell assured them that his victory was no doubt inevitable, thanks to their decision to support him and take care of a few oddjobs for the city’s benefit, and that once he was sworn into power he would do his absolute best to steer Dannemoor toward a future that was the best for both human and spirit-kind! With that out of the way, our group had little reason to stay in Dannemoor, and even less reason after being informed of several other places in the area that might need their attention!

Due to a promise between Zeynep and her air-spirit friend Nadzeija, the group headed toward Mount Vallorn, in order to find out what the deal was with the angry air spirit tribe located at its peak. Meeting up with some Slayers Scouts camped out in an abandoned village at the mountain’s middle, they learned that some time ago a falling star had struck the mountain, punching through the rock and releasing a thick, noxious cloud of black smoke. The smoke seemed to have a negative effect on the spirits in the area, making them irritable and violent.

Scaling the mountain allowed the group to come into contact with some of these angered air spirits, and after a brief altercation it was revealed that the spirits were being affected via a psychic-link by a behemoth living in the clouds above the mountain! The Sky Squid, irritated by the smoke, was having an unintentional adverse affect on the nearby spirits, and it pleaded with the party to deal with the smoke. We last left our heroes as they prepared to plunge down into the dark recesses of the meteorite’s impact site…

Session Six
The Basilisk Wyrm Awakens!

In this session, our heroes (short one Sae, who has returned to Grey Rubble Knoll!) gathered together at Bandoor’s tavern to discuss their plans for the day. Zeynep revealed the fruits of her scouting mission, informing Ethan and Kinsi of the danger posed by the Basilisk Wyrm, a behemoth beast that, after being exposed to Dannemoor’s pollution in the past, has become the new source of corruption fueling the Poison Swamp!

It was decided that this was probably the most pressing matter, considering the need to cleanse the swamp of its corruption, and so our heroes gathered together allies to assist in the battle with the terrible Wyrm. Ethan enlisted Stefan and Elsa of the Slayers, Zeynep recruited the Bat Spirit Vitaliya and Alban Underwood, a swordsman of renown and retainer to Presidential Nominee Voigt. Kinsi opted to bring with her two platoons of the city’s soldiers, with their metal armor and crossbows.

The group ventured into the swamp and spent an hour or two searching for the beast, before coming across a lake of thick, viscous goop. It was revealed that this was the Wyrm’s lair, and soon a battle broke out between the behemoth’s three heads and our heroes! After several rounds of intense fighting, Zeynep was able to use her newly learned Purification Ritual to cleans the toxins from the monster’s body, reverting it back to its original form! The beast returned to its slumber, where in the party returned to Dannemoor for drinks to celebrate their victory!

Zeynep Mini 05
Spook Buddies

Zeynep discovered, after leaving her room post-sunset, that Dannemoor was just as lively a place at night as it was during the day! She met a blacksmith whom she contracted to build her a solid, iron staff, in hopes of using it as a weapon of some sort once it was outfitted with a soul shard. Afterward she visited the Slayer’s HQ to see about getting some help in hunting down a suitable beast, and after taking a quick look around the common room she decided to approach a spirit hanging from the ceiling!

The spirit introduced herself as Vitaliya Bohuslava, a Bat Spirit that was once one of the city’s nobility. She agreed to aid Zeynep in a night time hunt, in exchange for ‘something to drink,’ which the two of them both understood to be the totemist’s own blood. The two set off out of the city, and after a short bit of hunting they managed to find a lone coeurl! The fight was harsh, leaving the two adventurer’s burnt and a little sticky, but they bested the beast and Zeynep was able to create a Soul Shard.

Afterward, the two of them retreated to a bath inside the Slayer’s HQ, spending the time with soap and small talk, before retiring to Vitaliya’s room. Unfortunately, the pleasant evening was interrupted by Vitaliya’s thirst, leaving Zeynep rather woozy afterward! The two spent the rest of the night (and likely the morning) snuggling and snoozing in the spirit’s fancy bed.

Ethan Mini 06
On the Trail We Blaze

Ethan met with Nominee Martell in order to discuss building a path from Dannemoor to Grey Rubble Knoll, in order to facilitate trade and foster good relations between the two cities. Martell agreed that it was an important step, and suggested enlisting the Slayers in the efforts, citing their battle prowess and familiarity with the forest.

After speaking with the leader of the Slayers, the Red Drake, several of the group offered their services and the expedition set off! They were opposed at one point by an antagonistic warthog spirit, but after dealing with that in short order the group manages to punch their way through to Grey Rubble Knoll in only a single day! They spent the night resting, before Ethan set off for a few tasks of his own.

Elsa Leonie was left in the care of Mercia Bobal, as the former had suffered a minor injury at the hands of the warthog spirit. Afterward, Ethan spoke with Totemist Abban about some light totems; his plan was to use a rope to span the forest, allowing one to follow it easily through the wood and to the other side. He needed light totems to make the rope glow, and thus easier to follow. Abban provided them immediately, stating his mentor was currently out and away, but Abban had spent much of his training making simple light totems anyway.

Finally, Ethan visited Pris Keahi to make sure his love letter had been delivered. Pris was ecstatic to see her beau, and the two spent a romantic moment together before Ethan apologized for having to leave again, his work unfinished. Pris demanded he and her sister return safely in the near future !

Zeynep Mini 04
Advances in Spirtualism/Swamp People

The day following the presidential debate, Zeynep met with Nominee Martell to discuss what she could do to help the city. She spoke of teaching a new generation of students about the Soul Arts, Dannemoor’s term for her totemistic abilities, and he suggested speaking with the current Dean of the Academy, which Zeynep set off to do.

Speaking with Celinda Esther turned out to be not so difficult, and after a brief display of her powers (by summoning the air spirit, Nadzeija) Zeynep was able to convince her to begin offering classes for Totemistry, as well as keep her eyes peeled for students with potential for such a thing. Zeynep also asked about investigating the Archives for anything relevant to Spiritual Purification, which Celinda allowed.

Deep in the bowels of the Archives, Zeynep found a box owned by Dannemoor’s last Totemist, who died nearly 200 years ago. Inside was a book, some gems, and an ancient spirit who admitted to being siblings with the ancient totemist, but the spirit departed for the Spiritual Realm before much could be learned. The book was taken to Martell, who translated the pages on Spirit Purification for Zeynep.

Afterward, the young totemist visited Nominee Voigt’s home to volunteer for a scouting expedition to the Poison Swamp, citing the need to know the threat more indepth before she could fix it. Voigt agreed, offered the services of her two retainers, and bid Zeynep good luck.

The three of them made it to the swamp easily enough, and were beset upon by a corrupt spirit as Zeynep tried to purify a small pond. She was able to succeed, given enough time, and the purified spirit thanked her for her efforts before warning her that the Basilisk Wyrm, a behemoth beast, was now the new source of corruption polluting the swamp. With her new spirit friend in tow, Zeynep returned to the city to inform her partners about this turn of events.


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